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MTW Pak Assembling Industries

MTW Pak Assembling Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is a joint venture between LLC Bel Pak Snab representing the tractor manufacturer from Belarus and Pak Track which represents its Pakistani stakeholders. The company was incorporated in April 2015 with equal shareholdings from Belarus and Pakistan. We are the license holder of the technology – Belarus 510 and trademark Belarus from OJSC MTW. MTW Pak Assembling is the sole assembler and manufacturer of Belarus Tractors in Pakistan, which currently deals in the tractors Belarus 510, Belarus 510.2, Belarus 520 & Belarus 80.1 which cater to different market segments based on Horse Power requirements.

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Sindh Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey was conducted in January 2018. Feedback from growers from all over Sindh was taken focusing on tractor performance under pressure. Random checks were conducted of various parts of the Belarus 510 tractor for any extra ordinary wear and...

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Hockey Club Of Pakistan Stadium, Block-3, Liaquat Barracks,                    Karachi, Pakistan.

 +92 300 065 7091 & +92 300 065 7714


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